• There’s a lot of Ab Ovo in the logistics of international tank terminals
  • There is an increasing rate of Ab Ovo in the logistics of the port of Rotterdam
  • There’s more and more Ab Ovo in the planning of international car transport
  • There’s an increasing rate of Ab Ovo in the logistics of European rail transport

Business & Software solutions

Ab Ovo is an innovative business & software solutions provider in the fields of logistics consultancy and advanced planning & scheduling (APS). The company is market leader in the European RailCargo Industry delivering both ERP systems (RailCargoSystem) and APS systems..... more

Planning Solutions

We are one of the leading solution providers in the area of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS).

Logistic Consultancy

A strong focus on companies where combining the deployment of ict with logistic activities is crucial for success.

Rail Cargo System

A complete software solution for the order to cash workflow of rail cargo operators, up and running with major operators throughout Europe.